Sunday, January 31, 2010



when in rome, do as the romans do
? i wish that was true but it was more a liken, do as the massive flocks of tourists do. 

so i've just steped off the plane from DUBAI, im naive Australian, alone in europe (!) with absolutely no plan, not even a lonley planet to guide me. i checked into my hostel (my first of many) and armed with a free map i aimlessly set out on foot. luckily enough, rome is pretty much the perfect city for this type of adventure. 

i spill out of a tourist lined alley and it hits me / all my architecture history lessons start coming to life. i'm really not in Australia any more, where the oldest thing is dad's tractor and the trees. once upon a time, on this very cobbled stone pavement, walked a great civilization which built a life to last the ages. from the pathenon, trevi fountain to the bascillica and the spanish steps.  its seems to me rome was all about scale. everything is larger than life, is the grandest, oldest and most enchanting . it was impossible not to be captivated. 

it was never my goal destination and i don't know if i'm in a hurry to return but for all rome's tourists, you instantly knew why they had come.  [ next stop, vatican city ]

[p.s. very slightly of the mainstream tourist track, be sure to check out the Capuchin Crypt in the church of Santa Maria for a gold coin donation. An eerie but beautiful shrine constructed purely of 4,000 friar bones...]


  1. You weren't allowed to take photos of that Capuchin Crypt were you?

    Incredible blog; as soon as I find time, I'll be trawling through all your old posts!


  2. that's amazing! I was there two years ago and it really surprise me! I want to go again so it was raining almost every fay.. Have fun girl!

  3. thank you for your comment :)

    lovely pictures. Rome is amazing! I was there last may and i think i've seen just about the entire city (not possible, but that's how it feels :P)!
    Hope you enjoy vatican city, it's lovely! i think the sistine chapel is gorgeous! especially the painting on the wall :)


  4. This looks and sounds fantastic! I hope you have an amazing time and can't wait to hear more :)
    (also totallyyyy jealous)