Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Stella McCartney Lace-Inset Jumpsuit / Zimmermann Tea Rose Lattice Dress / Gossip Girl

whoever said power dressing doesn't work, never tried it

. i'm not talking the eighties 'shoulder-pads-make-me-look-more-like-a-man' kind

but the kind of thoughtful dressing that puts you in a position of power where a suit can't
but for all the RIGHT reasons

in a competitive male dominated industry and recessional economy, any advantage is a worthwhile one

I recently went to industry event where I was to receive an award in a more minor part of the evening 
however, i did not underestimate the power a simple dress
the suited uni boys scoffed at my classic dilemma "what do i wear?!" but I had the last laugh 

I chose a black Zimmermann dress { pictured left from RUSSH } - purchased on eBay, for half price
the bodice was conservative, there was just enough leg, the hint of defined shoulders and a lattice detail that no architect could forgot

result = a room full of important people who now recognize the young student who's just picked up an award. mission accomplished

if i had to do it all over again [and i had the money]
it would've picked Serena Van Der Woodsen / Blake Lively's
black Stella McCartney jumpsuit

the perfect cut. a modern twist. with a dash of androgyny

just a little risky.


  1. good job on the award, sounds like you looked amazing as well!

  2. No from the sounds of it I think your Zimmerman dress was/is perfect. Congratulations on your award! x

  3. <3 power dressing :)